The Victorian Native Bonsai Club was formed in 2013 as a not for profit organisation, with the aim of bringing together bonsai growers with a particular interest in using Australian native plant species for bonsai. The Club aims to foster the understanding of the use of Australian native species as bonsai, inspire participation and enjoyment by both beginner and advanced bonsai growers, and to increase the level of knowledge and available information of the requirements and possibilities for growing Australian species as bonsai.



  • June Club Meeting

    This meeting will feature a review and discussion of pots suitable for native species as bonsai, and we will have a look at the range of pots being developed by local potters to suit Australian species.

    While growers of native Australian species as bonsai often find some difficulties in obtaining pots or other containers to suit their particular plants, there are several potters working on establishing their own ranges of pots to meet the growing demand. We are coming to believe that many of our Australian species are best grown and displayed in containers which are different from those we have traditionally imported from Japanese and Chinese sources

    We will invite a number of our local potters to discuss what they are producing, and what might be developed in future.

  • VNBC Exhibition of Native Plants as Bonsai

    The VIctorian Native Bonsai Club Exhibition for 2016 was held on Saturday and Sunday, April 9 & 10 at Domain House, Dallas Brooks Drive, Melbourne, adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

    The two-day event featured an outstanding display of more than 60 Australian native plants grown as bonsai, with demonstrations and workshops with expert club members held each day.

    Photos of the bonsai on display at the exhibition are available for viewing in the Photo Gallery on this website.

  • AABC National Bonsai Convention 2016

    AABC National Bonsai Convention was held in Hobart, Tasmania, from 20-23 May 2016