Welcome to the Victorian Native Bonsai Club

Our club specialises in Australian Native Plants and Trees as Bonsai. We’d love for you to be part of our club. Feel free to browse our content rich website and for more information on how to join so you can be part of our community and gain access to other specialised videos, events and our species database, please click here.

Monthly Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month commencing at 7:30pm at the Newlands Senior Citizens Centre, 49-53 Murray Road, Coburg.

Workshops are held from 10:00am at the same venue on several Saturdays in the year, as shown in the club calendar.

Visitors are always welcome at club meetings and workshops.


  • Club Meeting 13th February – Workshop Night

    The Tuesday night meeting of VNBC this month is to be a workshop night, to give members the opportunity to bring trees along along to work on them with advice and input from others.

    With the club’s annual exhibition coming up in March, this will be a good opportunity to review progress on preparing trees for exhibition, and for sorting out any styling queries we may have for our show trees.

    The meeting is at the Newlands Senior Citizens Centre, 49-53 Murray Rd, Coburg, commencing at 7:30pm. As always, visitors are welcome to attend on the night.

  • Change of club meeting venue from January 2024

    As of January 2024, we have a new venue for all club meetings and Saturday Workshops this year.

    The new venue is the Newlands Senior Citizens Centre, located at 49-53 Murray Road, Coburg.

    This centre is located on Murray Road, approx 1km to the east of our previous venue.

  • VNBC 2024 Exhibition: Shining a Light on Australian Plants as Bonsai

    Note the dates for the 2024 VNBC Exhibition – Friday night 15th March and Saturday 16th March, in the Preston Town Hall, Gower Street, Preston.

    As always, we expect to have a most interesting and diverse display of what our club members are achieving in growing a wide variety of Australian native species as Bonsai. There are a few innovations in display methods being considered, and there will definitely be something of interest for everyone who comes along.

    Set the dates aside now, and we will be looking forward to seeing you there.


  • November Club Meeting – “Eucalypts: The Weird and the Wonderful”, with Dean Nicolle

    The November Club meeting was a most fascinating night of Eucalypts.

    The presenter on the night, Dr Dean Nicolle, took us on a photographic journey around much of Australia, looking at some of the diverse and fascinating range of eucalypts to be found across the country. From some of the Corymbia species in the north, through to Snow Gums of the south, there was just so much to explore of the occurrence of various species throughout Australia, and their characteristics and growth habits.

    Dean is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and expert people on Eucalypts in Australia, and is the recipient of a number of major awards and honors for his services to conservation of Australian Eucalypts, including an OAM in 2018. As a researcher, a publisher of some of the most definitive books on Eucalypt identification, and managing the Currency Creek Arboretum in South Australia, where he has planted more than 800 species of eucalypts, Dean has travelled throughout Australia identifying and collecting eucalypts for his books and for the arboretum. 

    Dean gave the club members plenty to think about in relation to various species we might consider for growing as bonsai, and provided plenty of background information on growth habits. The evening certainly reinforced the understanding that, with all the diversity across the eucalypts, we can never treat them all as being just the same in their needs and responses to growing as bonsai.

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