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Our club specialises in Australian Native Plants and Trees as Bonsai. We’d love for you to be part of our club. Feel free to browse our content rich website and for more information on how to join so you can be part of our community and gain access to other specialised videos, events and our species database, please click here.


  • January 2022 Club Update

    After a much disrupted 2021 has been closed off, we can now only hope that 2022 is an improvement, in terms of club activities and working with others on our trees at meetings and workshops.

    A number of meetings were held on Zoom during 2021, and we managed to have a few meetings towards the end of the year as combined physical and Zoom meetings, although these were still limited in terms of the number of members able to attend in person, and the continuing requirement to wear masks at the meetings. Thanks to everyone who participated either in person or online, as your presence and involvement has always been most encouraging.

    The November club meeting was held in an alternate location from our usual meeting rooms, as the venue was in use as a local vaccination centre. This was a workshop meeting, and a chance for members to once again bring along trees for advice, assistance and critique as appropriate, with some interesting trees up for comment. The December meeting was held as a wrap-up to the year, and featured an excellent presentation by Craig on working with Coastal Tea Tree as bonsai.

    The VNBC 2022 year is commencing on Saturday 15th January with a Saturday workshop meeting at the Club’s usual meeting rooms for anyone who is able to come along. It will be a good opportunity to work on, and discuss, members’ trees, especially in thinking about preparing trees for the club’s annual Exhibition in the Preston City Hall on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th March (more on that later).

    The first evening club meeting for the year is scheduled for Tuesday 8th February, and the program for that meeting and the rest of the year is to be finalized by the committee before the end of January. We will publish the plan for year’s program as soon as it is completed by the committee.

    So, best wishes to all club members and other bonsai enthusiasts for the coming year, and we will look forward to seeing what the new bonsai year will bring.

  • August Club Update

    The 2021 year has so far been quite challenging for our community, with movement restrictions and other requirements to manage COVID changing continually through the year. We have had to cancel or modify several of our club meetings so far this year, and our ability to plan ahead for a club program is constantly being tested.

    Our southern winter season has been quite chilly, wet and windy this year, but early Springtime is becoming more evident to us from mid-August, with new growth and some flowering stirring in many of our trees. Some of the species which are starting to flower now include the Acacias, Callistemon, Grevilleas and Leptospermums. As the weather continues to warm, we can expect to have much more time outdoors now to deal with the busy spring potting season and tree management for our bonsai.

    Callistemon “Captain Cook”

    The VNBC Committee is working to see what we can do to replace our lost club meeting programs, but in the meantime, we hope all of our members and readers stay safe, and that the community COVID lockdowns give everyone the opportunity to keep working on our trees. Keep in touch with the Victorian Native Bonsai Club Facebook pages, to see some of the trees being developed by club members. Another great Facebook page to look at is Eucalypt Australia, which frequently shows photos and great examples of Eucalypts in the wild from across Australia – well worth a look!

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