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  • No Club meeting for June 2021

    After a good start to the year, we have had to cancel the Club meeting scheduled for 8th June, due to another COVID lockdown in Melbourne. This was to be a workshop night for members, but instead, we will just have to keep working on our trees at home.

    Next month’s club meeting (13th July) will feature a discussion of potting mixes for native bonsai.

  • Club Meeting for April 2021

    Our April monthly club meeting was held on Tuesday 13th April. With quite a good attendance of club members at the meeting, we also continued to include Zoom capabilities for those distant (or even not-so-distant) members to be part of the meeting who could not get along to the meeting in person on the night.

    The presentation topic for the night was a discussion of Eucalypt growth habits and styles for bonsai, including reviews of a number of trees growing in the wild, and what we can learn from them.

    And what an interesting discussion it was, with a very insightful analysis of some of the growth patterns and habits of Eucalypts in open situations, and a translation of those into bonsai development. Rod’s presentation was supported by both some very interesting bonsai which he is growing, as well as some very innovative technology, which allowed us to consider in some detail, the environmental forces on trees in the open, and the growth responses by the trees to those influences.

    This is a topic with plenty more to talk about in future meetings.

  • VNBC Exhibition 19-20 March, 2021

    The VNBC Exhibition for 2021 has now run its course, and produced another great show of Bonsai with Australian native species grown by club members. We had a total of 68 trees on display, covering a wide range of separate species, including species of Acacia, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Leptospermum, Hakea, Ficus, Angophora, Allocasuarina, Banksia, Nothofagus, Callistemon, Kunzea, Baeckea, Tristaniopsis, Syzygium, Agonis and Podocarpus.

    The full set of photos of all of the trees on display can now be viewed in Photo Gallery section of this site, under the heading “2021 VNBC Exhibition”.

    The show attracted many visitors, including quite a few people from surrounding suburbs who had little or no previous experience with bonsai. The well-stocked sales area, with a very good range of plants, pots, and bonsai materials, also attracted plenty of activity over the weekend.

    And congratulations to Ken for winning the Public Choice Award voting for his beautiful Coastal Tea tree, Leptospermum laevigatum, inspired by the tea trees of the golf courses of Melbourne’s sand belt area.

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