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Our club specialises in Australian Native Plants and Trees as Bonsai. We’d love for you to be part of our club. Feel free to browse our content rich website and for more information on how to join so you can be part of our community and gain access to other specialised videos, events and our species database, please click here.


  • July Club Meeting coming up

    The Club’s July monthly meeting is coming up, to be held on the evening of Tuesday 9th commencing at 7:30pm at the Club’s usual meeting rooms, the Harry Atkinson Centre, Coburg Lake Reserve, Coburg.

    The program for this meeting will be a workshop night, for members to work on developing and/or maintaining their trees. There will also be a critique session, allowing any of the members to put forward a tree for review, discussion, and suggestions to help with further development. These are always interesting nights, even in mid-winter!

    The recent June club meeting was an interesting night, with presentations and demonstrations by Quentin (forest, or group, plantings) and Marcela (growing, training and wiring of Callitris). This month’s meeting could give members an opportunity to follow up on those presentations.

    Quentin finishing his group planting
    Marcela working on Callitris glaucophylla

  • AABC 32nd National Bonsai Convention, 17-20th May 2019

    And now the 2019 Convention is over….

    That was just a great weekend of Bonsai with Australian native plants – this year’s 32nd AABC Convention, hosted by the Victorian Native Bonsai Club, and held in Melbourne. This Convention, titled “Australian Natives Breaking Through the Bonsai Ceiling”, highlighted how the unique range of Australian native species can bring another very special contribution to the ancient Japanese art of Bonsai. 

    A major highlight of the Convention was, of course, the demonstrations, workshops and other chances to experience the special skills of Ryan Neil of USA. As Ryan said, he was here to work with us to explore the boundaries of using Australian species as bonsai, and he certainly utilized his knowledge, skill and artistry to push these boundaries, and to challenge us to build on what we have achieved, to look even further into the future of Australian Bonsai.

    Ryan Neil

    And combine this with the other presenters who demonstrated their skills, their artistic flair, and their experience in finding the best bonsai in Australian Native Plants! Hugh Grant challenged us with his unique artistic vision and expertise; Roger Hnatiuk brought his wide botanical and bonsai knowledge and his special artistic flair; Quentin Valentine extended his own vision, experience and skills to present some challenging design concepts; and the other growers who contributed their knowledge and experience with Australian plant species. Combine these with an exhibition of some of Australia’s outstanding Australian species bonsai, and an extensive set of bonsai trading tables – What a feast of bonsai with Australian Native Plants was on show on this weekend.

    Of course, special congratulations to Marcela, for being awarded the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection of Australia Perpetual Award for the best Australian style bonsai at the AABC Convention, for her outstanding Melaleuca styphelioides, or Prickly Paperbark. 

    Photos will be added to our gallery in the near future.

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