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  • May and June 2022 Club Meetings

    An excellent meeting of the club on Tuesday, 10th May, was well attended by local and distant members, with plenty of information and demonstrations on the use of Casuarinas and Allocasuarinas as bonsai for all present to discuss and debate. The Sheoaks group (including all the variations of common names suck as Bulloaks, Bulokes, Australian Pine, and so forth) have quite a distinctive appearance and some key growth characteristics, which were covered quite extensively in the discussions at the meeting.

    The species presented for discussion included especially Allocasuarina littoralis (Black Sheoak), Allocasuarina torulosa (Rose, or Forest, Sheoak), and Casuarina cunninghamiana (River Sheoak), with some mention and examples also of Allocasuarina leuhmannii (Bulloak), Allocasuarina decaisneana (Desert Oak), Allocasuarina verticillata (Drooping Sheoak), and Casuarina equisetifolia (the so-called “Australian Pine”)

    Allocasuarina littoralis, Black Sheoak, in natural forest setting
    Allocasuarina torulosa, Rose Sheoak

    And now for the club’s June meeting, on the night of Tuesday 14th June!

    This meeting features a presentation and demonstration by Scott Martin, who has built a very strong and well-deserved reputation as a bonsai artist, with extensive skill and experience across a wide range of species and bonsai styles. Scott has established the “Bonsai Matsu” training school, and conducts an extensive range of courses and workshops for enthusiasts locally and across the wider world. This should be a most interesting meeting night.

  • April 2022 Club Meeting

    The club meeting for April was a well-attended and very active night, with the presentations by several members generating plenty of discussion between the people present on the night, including those who attended by Zoom.

    Eight trees were put up for discussion, with the owners of the trees talking through the progression of developments and changes which have taken place over a number of years, to bring their trees to their current stages of growth and styling. Photos of most of these trees in their current stages of development are shown in the Club Meetings section of this site.

    The program for the club meeting next month, on Tuesday 10th May, will be a look at the Sheoaks group (Casuarinas and Allocasuarinas), and the possibilities / requirements for developing these species as successful bonsai.

  • VNBC Exhibition 2022

    The Club’s annual exhibition of Australian native plants as bonsai was held successfully once again at the Preston City Hall on Friday evening and Saturday, 18th and 19th March, 2022.

    And what a great exhibition it was, with more than 70 of members’ trees on display, covering a wide range of species, ages and styles. We had a continuing stream of visitors over the two days, representing both regular bonsai enthusiasts and the wider public.

    The bustle of the display and the sales areas

    The level of public interest was very strong, and there was plenty of enthusiasm amongst visitors for voting in the Peoples Choice Award. As always, it was very interesting to see what the wider public really liked most amongst the trees on display, but in the end, the clear winner in first place from the voting was tree no. 36, Kunzea peduncularis, or Mountain Burgan. The others of the top six in the voting were, in second place, Acacia howittii, or Sticky Wattle “Green Wave”, third place, Melaleuca bracteata, “Golden Gem”, fourth place, Kunzea peduncularis, Mountain Burgan, fifth place, another Kunzea peduncularis, and in 6th place, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, River Red Gum.

    This year, the club also partnered once again with the Eucalypt Australia organisation to participate in the promotion of eucalypts as part of National Eucalypt Day on March 23rd. The exhibition this year featured a number of eucalypts as bonsai, and a trophy was sponsored by Eucalypt Australia for the Best Eucalypt in Show. This trophy was awarded for a Eucalyptus regnans, or Mountain Ash, which was quite fitting, as a nation-wide vote conducted by EA in the month prior to National Eucalypt Day also resulted in Mountain Ash being voted as national Eucalypt of the Year for 2022. It’s a great tree, both as one of the tallest trees in the world, and, at the other end of the scale, as a very special bonsai.

    Best Eucalypt in Show award – Eucalyptus regnans, or Mountain Ash

    Photos of all of the trees in this year’s exhibition are now available for viewing in the Photo Gallery section of this website.

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