April 2018 Meeting Report

The April meeting was very good night of looking again at the basics of growing bonsai. Gerard Schoofs gave an excellent presentation, with demonstration and plenty of discussion, covering all of the essentials for growing bonsai – pots, potting mixes and their essential components, watering practices, repotting, fertilizers, and wiring. The presentation included a demonstration repotting of a Leptospermum lanigerum (Woolly Tea Tree), which helped illustrate all of the essentials covered by Gerard in his pictures and talking. This was an excellent session to review and reconsider how we approach establishment and development of our native species Bonsai.

Gerard with Leptospermum lanigerum demonstration tree
Root-pruning and repotting of Tea Tree nearly completed

We also had a good range of trees on the display table, and a “Show and Tell” session including the following trees.

Quentin discusses Peter’s Green Island Fig
Melaleuca linariifolia, “Snow in Summer”, showing good crown development after cutting back last November
Strawberry Pine repotted last year after a long period in a hanging basket
Acacia mucronata, Variable Sallow Wattle, or Narrow-leaved Wattle
Grevillea “Pink Pearl”
Leptospermum petersonii, Lemon Scented Tea Tree