Club Meeting Tuesday 9th April

Our next Tuesday night club meeting will be on 9th April, at the Newlands Senior Citizens Centre, Murray Rd, Coburg, commencing at the usual time of 7:30pm.

The discussion and demonstration for this meeting will focus on establishment of forest or group plantings using Australian natives, and we want to encourage members to bring along, either established groups for display or review, or trees and tray (or similar) which they would like to have some assistance to set up as a group planting.

At our previous meeting on 12th March, we had a good members’ workshop night, along with a demonstration by Quentin of separation of an air-layered ficus, which he set up at a club meeting late last year.

Air layered tree ready for separation (the original base and root mass was really a bit ugly!


Cutting the old trunk below the new root system


Settling the new root system into a pot.