August 2016 Club Meeting

The August meeting was primarily focused upon the initial styling of Kunzea ericoides collected on the most recent dig day (30th July) The trees collected on that day have been in pots for merely a matter of days and attention was given to ensuring the trees survival as much as it was to develop its style.   Other members worked on trees that were collected 12 months ago at a previous dig.

2016-08-09 21-09-19 - DSC03242 Jasmine Kunzea 1

Jasmine Knzea working on 3hjasmine Kunzea end 3h

Jasmine’s Kunzea collected on the 30th July .. Lots of good growth and options available for development, quickly styled to develop the natural movement in the trunk and branches.

Andrae small clump collected woth rockAndrea's clump







Two examples of small collected trees that were almost instant bonsai.   In the first pic, the rock was also collected on the dig day and a bowl was ground into the granite slab, drainage holes bored through the rock, a little trimming and grinding back, to produce an almost complete display, ten days from collection.

Kunzea broken trunk JoshArchies Kunzea al hands on 3h.Large Kunzea reduced. better

Crig's Kunzea group lots of little trees.Boris's Kunzea clumpRoberts Kunzea

A steady stream of collected trees were reviewed, assessed and initial styling was begun on the night.   It was apparent from the different methods and  treatment selected that the Kunzea ericoidies, as bonsai material, does have considerable scope for a variety of styles.

From the display table..

Acacia baileyana Cootamundra Wattle.

Acacia baileyana

Leptospermum Mesmereyes Gerard #H

Leptospermum Mesmereyes

2016-08-09 20-50-57 - DSC03232 Leptospermum Repestre QV

Leptospermum Repestre

leptospermum petersonii 3H lemon scented tea tree 2

Leptospermum Petersonii