December 2017 Club Meeting Report

What a good meeting, with most interesting reviews and critiques of a number of trees, plenty of interesting trees on the display tables, and lots of social discussions to round off the year.

A number of trees were brought forward by members for discussion and critique. These included:

Eucalyptus pulchella, Tasmanian White Peppermint
Corymbia ficifolia (grafted)
Kunzea ericoides, Burgan
Ficus rubiginosa, Port Jackson Fig. Discussion over styling, future container, and much more
Callitris gracilis, Southern Cypress Pine

On the display tables, some of the trees exhibited included the following:

Babingtonia virgata, Microstrobus fitzgeraldi, Melaleuca “mini mei”
Banksia integrifolia “Rollercoaster”
Banksia marginata, Silver Banksia