September 2018 Club Meeting Report, celebrating 5 years of VNBC

The 5th birthday night for the club since its formation – a chance to celebrate the continuing development of the club and its programs! ?

This club meeting featured a workshop and critique night, giving the opportunity for members to work on their trees in a group context, with plenty of advice and suggestions available, and the chance to have trees discussed by the group for further input of a range of ideas. These sessions always seem to attract plenty of interest and active discussion, and this night was no exception.

Always plenty of work being done by members

Display table trees which were discussed on the night….

Atherosperma moschatum, Sassafras
Acacia pravissima, Ovens Wattle
Callistemon brachyeandrys, Prickly Bottlebrush
Kunzea ambigua, Tick Bush

And apologies, but I missed getting a photo of Adrian’s Adenanthos sericeus (Woolly Bush)