Club Meeting September 2023 – celebrating the first 10 years of the club, and talking about stones, stumps, bark and pots

What can’t we use as containers for bonsai? Bonsai = Tree in a Pot, but our definition of a “pot” can be quite varied, if the examples from our September Club meeting were anything to go by!

The topic for the night was advertised as alternative containers for growing bonsai, and there were quite a number of interesting alternatives brought along for discussion and demonstration on the night. There were hollow logs, bark pieces, hand-crafted trays, mallee roots with excavated holes, any number of interesting rocks with planting hollows, as well as artificial rocks and mountains crafted out of various materials.

Thanks to all who brought tree settings and materials for discussion on the night, and who helped celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Victorian Native Bonsai Club.

Some of the examples on the night ……..

Hollowed-out rocks


Mallee roots and rocks ready for use


Tilt allows changed setting of tree direction


Tree placed in rocky hollow


Tree + rock + stand + companion plants