October Club Meeting – AGM and propagation demonstrations

The October club meeting started with the Annual General Meeting, held to report on the year past, to elect the club committee for 2023/24, and to look ahead to the coming year’s activities, with plenty of active discussion and suggestions for the committee and club to consider in preparing the year’s program. With a good number of members present on the night, including several of our regional and interstate members on Zoom, the AGM was well attended, with a good range of valuable comments and ideas presented for consideration.

The AGM was followed by a presentation and discussion session on various propagation techniques, including repotting of two Leptospermums by Marcela, alongside a demonstration by Quentin of air layering the lower trunk of quite a large Ficus, and the use of thread grafting and approach grafting of branches for developing improved plants as bonsai. All of these demonstrations generated a lively amount of interest, questions and discussion amongst the members.

Over the next couple of months, the club committee will be working on the program for the coming year, as well as preparation for the Club’s 2024 Exhibition on 15/16 March.

Photos of some of the demonstration action on the night…..

Quentin and Marcela at work on their trees


Removing bark for aerial layering


Leptospermum laevigatum repotted


Ficus with collar attached to allow air layer to develop