May 2022 Club Meeting

An excellent meeting of the club on Tuesday, 10th May, was well attended by local and distant members, with plenty of information and demonstrations on the use of Casuarinas and Allocasuarinas as bonsai for all present to discuss and debate. The Sheoaks group (including all the variations of common names suck as Bulloaks, Bulokes, Australian Pine, and so forth) have quite a distinctive appearance and some key growth characteristics, which were covered quite extensively in the discussions at the meeting.

The species presented for discussion included especially Allocasuarina littoralis (Black Sheoak), Allocasuarina torulosa (Rose, or Forest, Sheoak), and Casuarina cunninghamiana (River Sheoak), with some mention and examples also of Allocasuarina leuhmannii (Bulloak), Allocasuarina decaisneana (Desert Oak), Allocasuarina verticillata (Drooping Sheoak), and Casuarina equisetifolia (the so-called “Australian Pine”)

Allocasuarina littoralis, Black Sheoak, in natural forest setting
Allocasuarina torulosa, Rose Sheoak